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Mould Making and Casting at Griffin Moulds JJP Limited

Mould Making and Casting

We offer a complete range of mould making and casting services, with our specialist centrifugal mould makers we are able to produce the mould to suit your needs. Our casters offer many years experience in casting and produce first class quality casts. We can make your mould then produce your required number of castings.


Assembly and Finishing

With your expert skills we have the ability to solder and finish the product you want. We can offer hand polishing to a satine/antique finish with vibro polishing.


Bespoke Requirements

We can work with you to offer a total manufactured service from ideas through to completion of a finished product. We can produce your desired product in its entirety, this could be bespoke corporate gift-ware or a contract requirement.


Modelling Services

We have an in-house modeller/sculpture that can help you to create the engineered components you require along with an intricately designed model or human form.


Using Pewter for your bespoke designs

Pewter is a very versatile metal with a wealth of qualities and guises it can be used for the delicate intricacy of designer jewellery to the industrial form of engineering components. It can harness detail and texture and bring depth and personality to figurative pieces. With originality and innovation pewter is high on the list of materials to work with to make an idea become reality. Griffin’s aim is produce pewter with a difference.

moulding and castingGriffin has a unique team of skilled staff with many years of experience in mould making and casting techniques who always enjoy the challenge of developing a way to make a new and creative idea work in practice. The potential for the use of pewter is vast and is only limited by the imagination.

Pewter can be highly polished with mirror like qualities and have that brand new gleam or be darkened to an antique or satine finish to evoke character and age.

This metal can be combined with other medium such as resins to form different textures and strengths particularly in the production of fragile items. It lends itself to be plated with gold, silver, rhodium or bronze to reinvent its appearance.

With the casting and moulding process Griffin use, numerous pieces can be produced within a short period of time. This can make pewter an effective and efficient way of producing a special requirement that is bespoke to a company’s needs and wants, making a unique item to be associated with that logo or name.