Our Services

Mould Making

Here at Griffin Moulds, we have two mould makers with over 60 years’ experience between them. We work with both rubber and low temperature silicon moulds.


We have a highly-experienced team of centrifugal casters. From wargame figurines to jewellery to trophies, we have the specialist skills to cast a whole array of products capturing the most intricate of details.

  • pouring metal
  • mould

Finish and Assembly

finishing wheelWith our expert skills, we have the ability to solder and finish the product you want. We can offer hand polishing to a satine/antique finish with vibro polishing.

  • making resin
  • resin


As well as metal casting, we also do a lot of resin production casting, from military vehicles to scale models to ornamental figurines.

An important part of the resin teams job is conversions. We have the skills to convert any master made of delicate materials (e.g. 3D prints, clay models) into resin to enable it to be placed on a mould for mass production in metal.

We handle a lot of production casting in resin from war gaming vehicles / figures and assembly points.

We are always working with new Resin products and currently undergoing trials with crystal clear and the likes of. Watch this space for exciting Resin news in the near future.

Plating Services

Work can be carried out via our third-party Quality Platers.

Sculpting Services

Contact us for recommendations.